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 the next pokemon give away will be a new lucario in the month of june 2012.

to get the rare pokemon manaphy you need to get his egg get it in the pokemon ranger original by pressing r+x+left arrow button after that type in a special mission code and th mission will pop youwill see a mission called recover the precious egg .

you can also get a zoarork by bringing a shiny suicune,raikou, or entie and bring one of those pokemon in the top of your party to lostlorn forest and then go to the trailer the ladyin it will come racing out and turning into a lvl50 zoarork.

 the new pokemon b\lack and white 2 will be coming out in july of 2012.

the new game has zekrom or resiram mixed with kyrem the zekrom/kyrem will be electric and dragon type and the reshiram/kyrem will be fire and dragon type.

right now the newest mystery gift is a darkria with a rare berry called the enigma berry.


 if you would like to know about pokemon events then visit or send an email to infernaperocks529@yahoo.com

and to get more info go to pokemon.com if you want a fun game play pokemonlake.com




this website was started on may 29th 2012 at 9pm the creator made the website because he was thinking that more people should know about the mystery gifts and special give aways not just certian people he thought that everyone should know about the special things in the world of pokemon.the reason he created this website was a fun thing for all kids of all ages to enjoy my website.


              Website was created on may 29th 2012 by Logan

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